About BeefVest

The BeefVest idea was born from a passion for livestock farming, especially cattle. And over the years the owners of BeefVest experimented within the various stages of livestock farming to determine the most profitable models and methods to maximise the return on investment. There is nothing like experience gained over time to understand the market than being physically involved in the process. The end result is a uniquely formulated “product” that we can offer to investors that can guarantee above market related returns on investment.

Why BeefVest?

Why invest with BeefVest, and what makes us different to similar products in the market ?

BeefVest is not dependent on outside farmers, and is a farm by itself with 800 heads of cattle, and is a registered feedlot with the Gauteng Agriculture Department, with registration number: GAUT002/18-19/E0113

Cattle feed is grown on the farm and is processed as maize silage, and together with other “ingredients”forms part of the daily feed to achieve ultimate growth results. Only well-balanced diet plans are followed to ensure optimal animal health and stable growth to ensure high-end final products our customers expect.

Your investment will not be limited to only investing in a single stage of livestock farming, for example only calves, pregnant heifers or pregnant cows. Your investment will be exposed to all areas of livestock cattle farming to maximise profits and to ensure funds can be moved to different segments within the market as conditions and demand change.

What to expect?

Farmer to investor relationship is key to ensure “peace of mind”. Our passion for cattle farming, proven methods and dedication to success will ensure our guarantee on the returns on investment will be achieved.

Are you interested in investing with BeefVest